Non-Traditional Wedding Ministers: A Fresh Perspective

Posted by Azure on July 13th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Amanda Dobra, Minister atGolden Dolphin Weddings

Did you know that many non-denominational ministers may be somewhat non-traditional too?
A fresh perspective on non-denominational wedding officiants

When I describe myself, I like to say that I am a non-denominational and somewhat non-traditional minister. I believe that all paths are valid and desire only to help usher more love into the world. I believe that whatever someone believes is up to them. If it works for you and feels authentic to you, then it is a part of you and should be a part of your wedding.

What’s true for me is spirituality without a brand or denomination. I think of myself as a little bit of everything that I’ve picked up in my lifetime that I find to be true for me. A famous soul once said 'My true religion is love,' to which I would also add, 'In the way it speaks to me'. In being true to me, the weddings I offer are either spiritual but non-religious, or based entirely on love. Reading from Holy books, devotionals, and scriptures is not authentic for me, but if it is for you, I honor that! My couples are welcome to include any readings they’d like. If I am not comfortable speaking the wording, I let them appoint a friend or family member to come up and offer the reading or prayer. I am also open to different cultural traditions.

Either way, there are officiants out there that can provide you with the dream wedding you desire if you find yourself a little outside the box. If you are: spiritual but non-religious, of two different faiths, a same sex couple, or are looking for something a bit more agnostic but fully based on love, don’t despair, there are officiants out there for you!
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