Sunflowers for a Sunny Wedding Day

Posted by Azure on October 7th, 2011
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If your wedding vision includes words like bright, happy, natural and warm, why not brighten up your wedding day with beautiful and energetic sunflowers! Known for their unique ability to 'follow' the sun across the sky, the sunflower has come to signify adoration. Remind you of the way you gaze at your groom?

Plus, sunflowers blend seamlessly into fall, harvest time wedding colors that are so hot right now.

Are you ready to let sunflowers add cheer to your wedding day? Then check out the enormous variety of sunflowers to choose from and be inspired to create the happiest of wedding days:
  • Traditional
  • Black/brown centers with bold and bright yellow petals. Available in small, large and mini.
  • Chocolate
  • A fresh red based flower, the Chocolate variety has deep red, nearly chocolate, colored petals.
  • Red Tinted
  • A uniquely dark and disk-shaped center surrounded by many reddish, ray-like petals.
  • Teddy Bear
  • A poofy and unique sunflower variety, without the dark center that leaves your wedding guests guessing.
  • Red Tinted Teddy Bear
  • Another fluffy and intriguing alternative with reddish petals and a hint of yellow.
  • Ring of Fire
  • A fresh yellow flower splashed with a stunning red circle around the center. Available in mini or regular size.
  • Green Center
  • Primarily yellow with a light green center surrounded by orange.
  • Lime Green
  • Perfectly match your wedding colors with these lime yellow petals and green undertones.

For more wedding flower inspiration and details about Sunflower varieties shop online now for wholesale flowers.

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