Hanna Hartnell’s Double Dare Wedding Gowns

Posted by Azure on March 13th, 2009
For all you financially savvy nearlyweds and “green” brides-to-be, the Double Dare wedding gown collection from California-based Hanna Hartnell was created with you in mind! Not only are these gowns gorgeous, they are eco-friendly too, fashioned from sustainable silk processes by clean technology.

And, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Known for creating the most daring and glamorous bridal gowns, Hanna Hartnell’s Double Dare wedding dresses are lined with colored silk, extending your gown’s useful lifespan far beyond its big debut! With 90 divine colors and four designs to choose from, the Double Dare gowns evoke endless possibilities. Whether you want to reveal your gown's secret identity (simply turn it inside out!) later in your reception or save it for a big event in the future, you are truly getting two gowns for the price of one! What woman doesn’t love versatility?

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