Wedding dress models…why so thin?

Posted by Azure on December 1st, 2009

Every now and then, there's a new conversation started about the fact that models are, believe it or not, skinny! Remember Kate Moss' comment about 'Nothing tastes as good as thin feels'?

In the wedding world, we've heard a lot of chatter about how thin Vera Wang's runway models are.  And this might just be my preference, but wouldn't you like to see these lovely creations on models that look a bit more like you and me, more like real women?  The models are just so waif-like that it's hard to imagine how the dress would look on a beautiful bride-to-be with some curves.

What do you think?  Does it matter if models, sporting what might be your dream wedding dress, are thin?

While we appreciate the call for more "realistic" models, even if they weren't skin and bones, they'd still be impossibly beautiful.  Would we feel better if they were heavier but still prettier than the rest of us? Would it be different if magazines listed when images had been airbrushed or photoshopped? Why do you think this subject keeps coming up?

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