Bride Chic: To Have And To Halter

Posted by Azure on December 11th, 2009
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Believe it or not, the halter evolved from 1920s swimwear. Golden Age Hollywood designers popularized the look for evening, dressing stars like Garbo and Harlow. Actually the look was so radical and daring back then, tongues clucked as the etiquette police of the time declared, "no nice lady wore such things out at night".

Ladies had different ideas though and wore the back-baring halter anyway. Halters once again made their comeback big time in the 1970s with the return of glamour and disco. During this time Cher's designer Bob Mackie took advantage of this look to bring out the singer/actress' best lines. Thanks to the ages, we have so many variations on this abbreviated neckline. Below are just a few stunning examples.

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