A Unique Perspective on Bridal Fashion: A Modest Bride

Posted by Azure on December 15th, 2009
Special to OneWed by Debbie ofModest Couture(the only modest-style bridal shop in all of Missouri!)

Modesty has evolved over the course of American History. Showing too much ankle was once considered immodest. Over the past several decades, however, wedding dresses have become more revealing. In fact, it’s only been in the last 10-15 years that strapless wedding gowns have become the conventional bridal fashion. As a result, modest wedding dresses have become more difficult to find in bridal stores. Brides must envision what their dress could look like with costly alterations- to raise necklines and add sleeves- as most bridal stores don’t even carry sample dresses with sleeves... unless you count the stained 1980’s sample gowns in the back room.

Many religions have modesty as the fabric of their beliefs, such as the Jewish Orthodox, Latter Day Saints, Pentecostal, Islamic and Conservative Christians. These brides cannot wear a strapless gown in their temple, church or mosque. A jacket is not an accepted solution. There are also many brides that don’t have religious requirements but choose modesty to cover a scar, tattoo, or are simply not comfortable showing their arms.

Modesty means different things to every bride, but a bride that chooses modesty should have options to look amazing! The Epoch Collection by Modest-Couture offers classic bridal gowns without sacrificing great style and elegance. These wedding gowns feature more modest necklines and sleeves of various lengths. How many Savvy Scoop readers have been searching for a beautiful Modest wedding dress? And what are your thoughts on Ivanka Trump's demure Vera Wang gown?

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