Insider Tip: Save Money on Your Bridal Alterations

Posted by Azure on March 24th, 2010
As we mentioned, we went to the National Bridal Market here in Chicago this week. This show is really meant as a way for designers to show their new wedding dresses to the bridal store buyers. I sat in on a fashion show, and heard a little secret that I thought I'd pass along (hey, it's not like it's a friend's secret).
This beautiful white wedding dress features a very deep v neckline.

As you've probably noticed, a lot of wedding dresses are showing pretty deep v's on their v necklines and on the back of the dress (like the ones pictured here). If the "v" on your neckline, or on the back of the dress, is a little too V for you, ask if it can be brought up an inch or two.

Now, here's the secret part. This dress manufacturer (who shall remain nameless) mentioned that they do NOT charge the bridal shop for these alterations. They provide the alterations for free to help out the bridal shop.

When you get the quote on your dress, just ask "So, is there anything we can do about the cost of the alterations?" I'm not promising that they can come down on the price, after all it may be that not every manufacturer offers this service for free, but it really never hurts to ask.

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This beautiful white wedding dress features a deep cut back and a mermaid cut silhouette

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