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Posted by Azure on May 4th, 2010
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I have written recently about shopping for your wedding dress and putting it on for the first time and knowing that you have found the dress that you will wear down the aisle. The different fabrics and styles can make a wedding dress feel completely different when on. What if you don’t have time to go shopping, or don’t feel comfortable trying on dresses in front of others? You will be surprised at the high number of brides who shop online for their dress.

In the past few years hundreds of wedding websites have popped up on the web letting you search for wedding dresses faster and in more detail than ever before. Most brides spend endless hours looking for inspiration on every detail of their wedding – including their dress. There are numerous brides who don’t just look for styles they like online, but they size themselves and purchase the dress online without even trying it on! These women aren’t a weird specimen, but simply brides who may not have the time to shop or simply haven’t put the wedding dress on the top of their priority list. I have spoken to brides who aren’t comfortable with their body and do not take pleasure in trying on numerous dresses in front of others.

I have mixed feelings with regards to shopping online for your wedding dress, and would love to open this up for discussion. Have you ever known any brides to shop online for their wedding dress?

One thought process is how can you put such a large amount of money into a dress that you have never seen, felt or tried on? One of the greatest pre-wedding activities is gathering your family and maid of honor and heading to the bridal boutiques. You are able to try on the different styles and stand in front of the mirror and oooh and aaah over the excitement. Most brides admit that what they thought they wanted in a wedding dress after trying on different styles, ended up purchasing a completely different style. Every fabric will fit your body differently than the bride standing next to you. Why would any bride skip out on this great tradition of going to a store and speaking with the bridal consultants on which dress works best for your body?

On the other hand – it’s just a dress. You wear this dress for 5 hours on one day, and then it sits in your closet collecting dust. Also, there are always alterations. If you order the wrong size or it doesn’t fit quite as closely as you would like, then a few snips and stitches will do the trick. You're busy, you spend all day working & your weekends and nights are spent catching up with life and planning every detail of your wedding. If you aren’t comfortable with your body or being the center of attention you may just be looking for any dress to get you down the aisle and not stress about the perfect fit or style for your body. You are fully capable of measuring yourself and ordering the needed size and you don’t need a stranger’s opinion of what the dress looks like on you.

There is no correct answer, just a personal preference. I like making events out of every activity so you better believe that I scouted out every bridal boutique and brought as many friends that would fit in the shop to enjoy the time. On the other hand I have known brides who were not fashionistas, they went online, found the first dress that caught their eye, ordered it, and were perfectly happy with their selection when their day came. Shop Online. Shop in Person. What works best for you? Dish it, lovely ladies! Helpful Links: Designer Wedding Dresses Tips on Finding THE Dress Wedding Dress Silhouettes: What Shape is Right for You?
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