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Posted by Azure on May 14th, 2010
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In fashion speak, which is light years ahead of ordinary time, we're looking at Fall 2010. So when I ask, "what did you think of 2010?" simply take a look at these images. If you're a fashion student or junkie of couture you probably look to Paris to find the real haute couture going on in fashion, including looks for bridal.

If you're new to bridal fashion, I''ll admit, these look a bit extreme but the Paris designers typically play with and throw out certain elements every season. Some catch on and other designers and manufacturers hone and edit them for real women as eventually buyers and stores pick up the look. Always ahead of the curve, in 2010 Paris designers really went for three-dimensional textures and intricate fabric applications.

Though we're seeing something of a sleeve comeback--long and short, tight as well as puffy, my question is, just how long will it take for this to go mainstream. Brides do love the freedom of baring their arms, so I'm not sure they are ready for confinement just now unless the sleeve flows or can be removed. I'm curious. Just what trends would you like to see sauntering down the Paris and/or New York runways Fall 2010? Helpful Links Current Wedding Dresses More High Fashion

This extreme wedding dress features a hat and a full body veil as well as a feathery poof around the

Georges Chakra
This stunning wedding dress from Ellie Saab features a low cut top with a bodice cut and a full skir

Ellie Saab
This haute couture wedding dress features an assymetrical neckline and a flowing skirt.

Christopher Josse
This short wedding dress is accessorized with a floppy had and short white boots.

This couple is clearly meant for each other. The fashionable groom wears a gold lame suit and the ha

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