Royal Wedding Dresses of Great Britain: Princess Diana

Posted by Azure on January 28th, 2011
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For years everyone waited to see what lucky girl Charles would make his bride. There was as much expectation around who would design Princess Di's wedding dress and what it would look like as today's fascination with Kate Middleton's gown choice. Diana's 1981 storybook wedding dress changed the look of bridal wear overnight. Until that magical day in July we saw her emerge from her golden carriage, the industry was plagued with repros of 1970s funk.

Diana with the help of David and Elizabeth Emanuel, at the time, virtual design unknowns outside London, made the funky granny gown and high collared satin bridal uniforms of the time suddenly go away. Bridal designers worldwide began to innovate and begin the real evolution of bridal as fashion.

While her dress by today's standards may look like a critical case of uber-pouf, in 1981 it was the real life fairytale dress the design industry needed to look at in order to move forward.

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