The Little White Dress Phenomenon

Posted by Azure on August 5th, 2011
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Can you list those designers who really put The Little White Dress on the wedding fashion map? How about Amsale, Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer for starters? All have created capsule collections around a concept fast becoming something of a phenomenon in bridal dressing not only for the biggest day of your life but all those events in between like the shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinner.

Continuing what she started a couple years back, Amsale Aberra's Little White Dress collection features just that: short and chic dresses. While the designer claims these pieces are great for event dressing--before as well as after the big one, I can see these pieces working it at the more informal or city hall wedding. In addition, if you're thinking of the ever classic 'All White Wedding' as in, bridesmaids sporting white, then take a closer look. Recently Zara Phillips' entire party of bridesmaids were all dressed in white (okay the MOH was in Dove Gray but it photographed as white). Kate Spade has developed an entire line around everything wedding except the big white wedding dress, including bridal jewelery, purses, headpieces, shoes and cocktail dresses. Her Wedding Belles (And Whistles) short and chic dresses come in white, ivory, beige and blush. Her philosophy is using the LWD as a backdrop adding splashes of bright color via belts, jewelry and shoes to perk it up so you shimmer and shine at all those pre-wedding parties. Wedding Belles is the perfect match for brides who want a basic silhouette with classic lines in finer fabrics. Spade's pieces accessorized do look like something you might see on Mad Men were it to go to a sixth season, playing up the the Swinging Sixties fashion explosion via shocking pink tights and bold colored jewelry.

If you're wanting an even more casual look for your LWD go for Lilly Pulitzer's line of cottons, eyelets and cotton lace. Don't you agree? Any of her gems could easily be packed up and taken along on the honeymoon!

And finally, my own creation of a LWD. I have to add another event they're great for to the list: they make wonderful anniversary dresses. Pictured here is Natalie who recently celebrated her fifth in a LWD I made up in embroidered linen. We did a photo shoot for Bride Chic in downtown San Francisco a couple weeks back with Natalie and her hubby, Dave. What better way to spend an anniversary than recreating all those memories of being a bride and groom?
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