Expert Answers: Your Money Personality Is Showing

Posted by Azure on February 19th, 2009
Special Feature from Dr. Taffy Wagner, Creator of Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar
Expert Answers: Your Money Personality Is Showing

Do you realize that you have a money personality? You do, and it shows. As you prepare to walk down the aisle, it’s important that you and your groom are paying attention to each other’s money personality. Or will you both believe that since you are already discussing the wedding expenses, your money personality does not have to be addressed?

Let’s break this down with a definition and then provide steps to help you observe the money personality. We all know that your personality is the visible aspect of your character. Having said that, let’s say your money character is showing. Money personality exists regardless of what the economy is doing – good or bad times. I admit, your money personality may seem different when your emotions are high if you make decisions based on emotions. Otherwise, your money personality stays the same.

Here are a few ways to figure out your money personality as a couple.

1) When you and your soon-to-be groom are out on dates, who pays for the dinner or movies? Is he splurging at the movies, or does he ask if you can go to the bargain early show? This can begin to reveal how he handles money.

2) If you’ve spent holidays together, do both of you overdo it on gifts? Or does one of you choose a little more conservatively than the other?

3) If disagreements occurred while you were dating, did one or both of you buy a “make-up” gift to evade the disagreement, or did you talk it through without spending? Make sure that you are not spending in order to avoid discussing a touchy subject. Money cannot buy love. You have to talk.

4) As you discuss wedding plans, can you compromise? Are you able to see who is the shopper and who is the saver in the relationship?

The above questions only provide a starting point of what to look for if your fiancé does not come right out and say, “I am a shopper,” or “I am a saver.” Knowing your money personality and that of your groom prior to saying “I do” can save you from financial stress in your marriage. Do not ignore the money personality that is staring you in the face. Learn how to work with it now. Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar is a financial education program that teaches couples how to communicate about money in a non-threatening manner, in the privacy of their home and throughout the lifetime of their marriage.
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