If April Showers Bring May Flowers, May Flowers Lead to Money

Posted by Azure on May 12th, 2009
Special Feature by Dr. Taffy Wagner, Creator of Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar
The savvy bride knows how to budget.

Money is a lifelong commitment too.

Do you remember that nursery rhyme that said “April showers bring May flowers”? For brides-to-be, April showers bringing May flowers could mean you are in the process of choosing your floral arrangement. Choosing your floral arrangement is an investment. Therefore you must see it as a process. When you think about your wedding and you see your floral arrangement, what do you see? How many colors? What will you carry? What will the bridesmaids carry? Is the church decorated with flowers? Last but not least, what is the cost?

I remember when I was preparing for my Justice of the Peace (JOP) ceremony. I had a specific bouquet that I wanted and a matching boutonniere for my groom. I took the time to go to several floral shops to see who would best accommodate my needs. I was not going to be talked into something that I did not want. I would be remiss if I did not mention I went with a silk arrangement over live flowers, as I knew that I was not tossing my bouquet. (Let’s be honest: I was not tossing it at a JOP ceremony.) Tip: If you have a live bouquet that you plan to toss to those single ladies at the wedding reception, you could always get a silk one as a keepsake.

As you prepare for your wedding, budget realistically for your floral arrangement. Make sure you get the flowers that you want — within reason. Flowers should not be a make-or-break item in wedding planning because of cost. Your floral arrangements will be in a lot of pictures, and you will remember them fondly.
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