Which Wedding Video Style is Right for You?

Posted by Azure on January 26th, 2010
In this article, Damon Dietz of Absolute Media Productions talks you through two different styles of wedding video, and helpfully provides you examples of each. The first is documentary, the second cinematic. Which style do you like?

Afternoon or Evening Affair? DJ or Band? Buffet or Sit-Down? The wedding decisions are seemingly endless. Here’s one more to add to the mix? What type of video do you want?

Video is a medium that captures the sights and sounds of the wedding day. The day flies by in a whirlwind, and when it’s over; there are few artifacts by which to remember the day. Memories captured by videography will become more precious as time passes, and when fashioned with your specific style in mind; will be enjoyed by you, your children and future generations.

When selecting a wedding videographer decide what style and level of creativity works for you. Here is a look at two popular wedding videography styles: Full-length Edits (also known as documentary style)

A full-length edit is a visual documentation of your wedding day for preservation purposes. Documentary videos are filmed professionally, and usually do not entail much post wedding editing. Thus, completed videos tend to range from 2-4 hours in length. They preserve the memories appropriately, and tend to have little or no frills. This style of video is the least expensive option and suited for the budget conscious. Short Form Edits (also known as cinematic style)

A short form edit wedding film is the closest in all aspects to a major motion picture. Your wedding day is filmed and subsequently edited to approximately 30-60 minutes in length. This “movie” will draw heavily on elements of cinematic style filming techniques. Additionally, dramatic music, color enhancement and even film effects may be used to augment your wedding film. Short form videos are optimal because they complement the cinematic form and provide you with a wedding film that is creative, artistic, and fun to watch anytime with friends, family, or just with each other.

Only you can decide what style is best for you, but just remember: quality is never expensive… it’s priceless. Choose a videographer whose style and tastes compliment your own and your wedding video will become a priceless heirloom. Once the wedding day has passed, so has your one opportunity of capturing the sights and sounds for you and future generations to enjoy.

Damon Dietz is president and co-founder of New Jersey and Philadelphia video production studio, Absolute Media Productions.
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