Ask the Experts: Videographer, Hitch it or Ditch it?

Posted by Azure on March 25th, 2010
A minister, a photographer, and a planner walk into a room ... no, it isn't a joke, it's our Ask the Experts column.
Ask the Experts: Videographer, Hitch it or Ditch it?

Ask the Experts is your chance to have all of your wedding planning questions answered by a panel of wedding professionals. If you have a question for our panel write

This week a groom writes: What are the pros and cons of hiring a videographer? Obviously, one con is the cost, but is it something we'll miss? I worry that the videographer will be obtrusive and in my professional photography shots, too. Is it appropriate to ask a guest to video certain parts of the wedding and reception, as opposed to going professional?

I think you'll be really surprised by the answers our experts give, especially our videographer!

Go read their answers, then come back and leave your own. Helpful Links Ask the Experts Videography: Hitch it or Ditch It Find a Videographer
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