Top 5 Reasons to Plan Ahead to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet

Posted by Azure on May 24th, 2011
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Recently I received an order from a very thoughtful husband to recreate his wife’s bridal bouquet to be preserved for their first wedding anniversary. The Maid of Honor had tried to preserve the bride's bouquet, but sadly... it was destroyed. While the husband's beautiful gift will most certainly be treasured, a recreated bouquet doesn't have the same sentiment, feelings, or memories as the bouquet that was carried down the aisle.

For years I have advised brides to make preserving their bouquets part of the wedding plans. And to budget for this! Often brides think that the preservation arrangements are to be made after the wedding day, and this may be acceptable if the wedding flowers are delivered in great condition. But if you don't plan ahead and secure a preservationist before your I Do's, your beautiful bouquet may be wilting, damaged or destroyed by the time it's in the hands of a professional. Here are the top 5 reasons to plan ahead to preserve your wedding flowers! 1. Fresher the better! If you deliver your flowers to the preservationist while they're still fresh, you'll get the best results. Two weeks after the wedding is too late. 2. Gain expert insight: The flower preservationist can help determine what types of blooms preserve best, assist with the keepsake selection and if needed, arrange for courier services. 3. Plan your keepsakes! The keepsake options are endless and if you set a plan prior to the wedding, additional items may be preserved. You can preserve only the bridal bouquet, just a few flowers with a photo or your wedding invitation, or get creative and include mementos such as your champagne toasting flutes, bridal veil, tiara, etc. You may want the flowers redesigned as a contemporary art piece, the choice is all yours. But you must plan ahead! 4. A small price to pay... The cost of preserving your wedding flowers is a relatively small expense. Also, there are affordable keepsakes that make beautiful thank you gifts for the mothers, wedding party or special relatives. * Inside Tip! Do NOT freeze your bouquet! This mistake could destroy your treasured wedding flowers. 5. Pro preservationists are hard to find! Contrary to belief, all wedding florists are not preservationists and there are very few floral preservationists throughout the country. Therefore it's important that you find a place to have your flowers preserved before the wedding day.

Your bouquet professionally preserved will be forever yours... So don’t toss it, preserve it!
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