What’s Worth the Extra Money When Wedding Planning?

Posted by Azure on September 12th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Jewelry Expert Michael O’Connor

So you’re taking the wedding plunge, you’ve set the budget and started the planning. Like most, however, you’re probably finding out that wedding budgets are difficult to stick to. The reason? In your quest to make the day perfect in every way, every small augmented or embellished element eats up more and more of your planned dollars. So how do you take the plunge and avoid getting soaked? One idea to think about: Long Term Budget Prioritization, spending a larger portion of your wedding budget on the elements of the wedding that will last the longest and the things that will be remembered.

Now, it’s a certainty that we’ve all been to numerous weddings throughout our lives. The questions are: how many centerpieces could we describe? How many cakes do we remember? How many wedding invitations were too beautiful to throw away? The answer I would guess is a resounding - none. When budgeting for a wedding, doesn’t it make sense to identify the items that will be remembered long after the wedding day and devote a larger portion of the wedding budget to them?

I’m not suggesting you do away with the wedding cake, flowers or a great reception but there are many money saving tips that will allow you to redistribute your wedding budget to place greater emphasis on the long-term elements. Save on...Flowers, look for local flowers and ones that are in season to cut the cost. Unusual or minimalist designs can create a very chic centerpiece and even carnations if skillfully arranged can look stunning. •Desserts, it’s a well-known fact that most people go way overboard on desserts and cake. Think about fewer sugar flowers or a smaller scale tier cake for the ceremony and have a sheet cake cut in the back to hand out. •Invitations, visit a local printer and ask for paper stocks that are being discontinued, and therefore discounted to save money on your wedding invites. And for the creative minds there are plenty of elements or computer programs that can help you execute a beautiful invitation.

So what are the elements of a wedding that are hugely symbolic, help preserve the day in memory and will last the rest of your life? What elements deserve a larger share of the wedding budget? Splurge on... 1. The Rings: Your wedding ring is the most symbolic and important piece of jewelry that you will own, and one of the items that will be handed down to your children. Your wedding rings are one of the only things (I actually can’t think of another aside from your engagement ring) that you will continually wear every day for life. As such, I always advise couples never skimp where they are concerned. Platinum is a great choice for wedding bands because it won’t change color or fade over time, so it’s the perfect symbol of a relationship that will endure. In fact, even engravings on your rings will look just beautiful on your 50th anniversary as they did on your wedding day. To view wedding rings to fit your budget, visit http://www.preciousplatinum.com/designgallery. 2. The Dress: From medieval times bridal gowns were developed to make the new bride look magnificent to her new husband, and often to her new country. The tradition of a white wedding dress with the addition of 'something blue' symbolized a bride’s purity and a groom’s fidelity. Today, although not steeped with all the same symbolism and meaning, a bride’s gown is an important part of her childhood dreams and something that she often hopes to share with future generations. Many dresses are saved, preserved and handed down. 3. The Photography: Your wedding photography will be viewed, shared with friends and family and cherished for the rest of your lives. A truly great wedding photographer has the talent to shoot elegant portrait photos as well as still life and documentary shots. His work will bring the day back to life for friends and family too young, to old or sometimes too distant to be there. These elements are the ones with true long-term value and should be budgeted for appropriately. How does your budget breakdown measure up? Post a comment to share your savvy! P.S. Today is the FINAL day to enter our Show Us Your Platinum promo sponsored by Platinum Guild International. Don't miss your chance to win platinum wedding bands or hoop earrings! Enter to win or share to win HERE!

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