Wedding Flower Friday: Orchids, A Hypo-Allergenic Solution

Posted by Azure on May 14th, 2010
If you or your fiancé have allergies you may be tempted to skip flowers altogether. After all, with so many beautiful options like brooch bouquets and felt bouquets, as well as creative centerpieces, there's no real reason to have flowers at your wedding.

On the other hand, for some girls a wedding just isn't a wedding without flowers! A lot of people with allergies do very well with roses and orchids. I think we're all pretty familiar with how roses can be used in a wedding, but check out these beautiful shots of orchids from Forever Photography by Kylene in Florida.

If orchids and roses aren't your thing, and you have a bridesmaid with allergies, consider having the girls carry just one flower each, it looks sophisticated and chic and shouldn't cause her problems. You can also talk to your florist about removing as much pollen as possible from the flower beforehand. Helpful Links Buy Flowers More Floral Ideas

These cascading bouquets are yellow orchids for the bridesmaids and white orchids for the bride.

These outdoor tables are perfectly complimented by the white orchid centerpiece.

This is a beautiful close up of a white orchid centerpiece used in an outdoor wedding.

This groom is wearing a tan shirt, white tie and white orchid boutonierre.

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