Spread the luck and spread the love.

Posted by Azure on March 17th, 2009
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We think you deserve a little luck at your wedding whether you're Irish or not. Here are a few fun superstitions to liven up your ceremony.

Here’s to you, lucky bride!

Here's to you, lucky bride!

As you may know, you can draw good fortune by complementing your something old, something new, something, borrowed, and something blue with a lucky sixpence in your shoe. Sixpences are thought to be lucky in general, but worn down the aisle in your left shoe is where they really shine. You can find sixpences embedded into many kinds of keepsakes for anywhere from $5 to $20, but check coin shops and online auction sites to find sixpences on their own for a lot less.

(Lucky tip: If you take to carrying your sixpence around in a pocket after the wedding, touch it to the soil around a plant in the ground every now and then - you'll "recharge" it's luck.)

One of the best things you can do for good luck is somehow manage to meet a chimney sweep on your way to the ceremony. If you can kiss him on the cheek, even better for the luck of your marriage. (But make your own luck by explaining what's up to your groom before you do, just to be safe.) It's true that you don't run into chimney sweeps on the street that much anymore, but there's nothing stopping a crafty maid of honor from hiring one if you tip her off.

If you find a spider on your wedding dress, it's supposed to be incredibly lucky for you. Spiders used to be thought of as "money spinners," and of course their webbing was associated with spinning thread. So a spider on your dress means you'll have plenty of money in your marriage and you'll get a new outfit soon. Just make sure you don't kill the spider when you remove it.

You may not have realized this, but as the bride, you are a walking good luck charm. Spread the luck among your guests by attaching lots of bows or pins to your wedding dress, and then passing them out after the ceremony. They'll bring your guests luck in love... and gambling!

Finally, it's an old superstition that knots can tie up love. Tuck knots into your bouquet to catch and hold your love... But make your groom untie his shoelaces before he goes to the altar. Untied laces mean no complications on your wedding night.

We have a feeling luck will be with you either way.
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