More Wedding Trends for 2010

Posted by Azure on April 1st, 2010
As you know, we've been talking a lot about the wedding trends for this year. It turns out that we missed a few, we just had to share these for all you summer and fall brides still looking for ideas:

1. Labeling your wedding party so that no one gets confused.
This bride and groom don’t want anyone to get confused about their roles in the wedding.

2. Black and White weddings are definitely still in.

3. Pimp my wedding ... literally.

4. Consider a cake designed to look just like the bride.

and finally

5. Combine your themes, if Star Trek is good and Elvis is good, why not put them together?

(p.s. Happy April Fool's Day and thanks to for the photos.
This bride and groom have taken the black and white wedding a little too far. The bride wears a blac

The groom’s top hat and fur trimmed coat lend a special look to this wedding outfit.

This large white wedding cake is designed to look like the bride.

This bride and groom are combining themed weddings. Star Trek meets Elvis.

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