A Mystery Wedding (and how you can help)

Posted by Azure on June 10th, 2010
About a month ago a wedding planner, who will remain nameless, approached me to tell me about her plan.

It seems that one of her employees, who has been married for ten years, never got to have the wedding of her dreams, or any wedding. One thing after another has interfered with this woman's ability to have a ceremony.

So, as an engagement present, this wedding planner, and the woman's husband are planning a "stealth wedding." They're doing everything from invitations to the dress and the band, without the bride knowing about it.

How sweet is that? Now, to how you can help, the Stealth Wedding, as it's called, has its own blog, and the planner is soliciting your opinion on a variety of items, including which invitations to use.

To follow this sweet story, and learn a little about the vendors involved you can visit the blog.

What do you think? How would you feel about a surprise wedding? Could your guy pull it off? Helpful Links Wedding Planning Tools Find a Great Wedding Planner
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