Future of Wedding Planning: Interview with Michelle Rago

Posted by Azure on February 16th, 2011
Last week I interviewed the great Michelle Rago. She's one of the most highly respected destination wedding planners around and recently partnered with Google to launch Google for Weddings.

Psst... check out our Google Weddings work- a priority-based budget planner spreadsheet to get your wedding budget back on track. I asked Michelle one very important question: How will wedding planning evolve over the next 5 to 10 years?

Michelle laughed, thinking back to the good ol’ days when the BlackBerry was IT for wedding planners in high demand. Next came BlackBerry Messenger which left planners wondering, “how did we ever do this without BBM??” Today the wedding planning world is spilling over with tools (some good, some not so good), real time offers and smart phone applications. The world is now a whole lot smaller. Wondering what Michelle sees in her wedding planning crystal ball? The world will continue to shrink. An ever shrinking world that fosters collaboration and values team. Sounds like OneWed’s customizable wedding checklist is ahead of its time! You can share it with your mom, sister or bridesmaids, and delegate tasks for each helper to complete. Now that’s what I call a team effort! Destination weddings get bigger. They’ll be bigger, grander, and more mainstream come 2016 and beyond. Technology bells and whistles for brides, grooms and wedding pros will continue to flood the market. User-generated content (reviews, blog posts and comments, etc.) will be king, which leads to a... Diminishing margin for error for wedding pros, as information becomes more rapidly and widely available. This is great news for wedding planning couples and reputable wedding vendors!

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