Plan your wedding… at McDonald’s?

Posted by Azure on March 11th, 2011
The proliferation of mainstream businesses offering wedding-specific services continues. And McDonald’s is the first fast food chain to add wedding celebrations to its menu.

Three locations in Hong Kong are now offering wedding packages, and they’re taking it far beyond the venue. Helping Hong Kong couples make their wedding budgets stretch, the ‘warm and sweet wedding package’ includes the venue rental, 50 wedding invitations and a wedding gift. The cost? A cool $1,283 US Dollars. And you can tack on the catering for just shy of $400.

Oh, but the fun does not stop there. How about a classic white balloon wedding gown (available to lease or buy) or a red balloon gown for the high-drama bride? And don't forget the wedding cake! The double apple pie wedding cake box display is a must-have!

And because nothing says 'Thanks for coming to my wedding!' like a Happy Meal toy, couples can choose from 4 McDonaldland Characters for their wedding guest favors.

So I've got to ask... are you lovin' it??

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