Wedding Planning Idea: The Rule of Three

Posted by Azure on June 8th, 2009
Have you ever heard of “The Rule of 3”? I’d always heard it as a rule of comedy and writing. Things are funnier in threes, (A rabbi, a priest, and a doctor walk into a bar…). But the other day I was talking to Heather of Greatest Expectations (a Chicago-area wedding planner) and she used it in a different way.
Wedding Planning Idea: The Rule of Three

She tells brides to think of the three most important things, and those are the three things they should not compromise on in terms of money. So, if you care about invitations, photographs, and music those are your big three. Maybe you’ll save a little money on catering, or flowers.

She also said that she advises couples to only compare three vendors at a time. So, make appointments with three caterers. If none of those work for you, then move on to the next three.

There you have it, three, it’s a magic number!
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