Keeping Track of your Wedding RSVPs

Posted by Azure on August 14th, 2009
It seems simple enough. You fill in a reply card and the bride and groom know whether or not you’re coming to the wedding. Believe it or not though, most couples wind up with at least one or two mystery responses. Either the responder forgets to put in his or her name, or the handwriting is illegible.

It’s common practice to suggest that couples put a discreet number on each reply card, and then match that number to a specific guest. So, if Aunt Betty is number 1, you make sure the reply card in her invitation is labeled with a number 1. This also helps you keep track of how many RSVPs are still outstanding.

According to their blog, the ladies at Three Graces Design have a great idea for you. They’ll discreetly print the numbers on the reply cards. That’s one less thing for you to do! Hooray! Yet another reason not to overlook the smaller wedding vendors who can give you personal attention.

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