Wedding Invitation Trend: Say it with Color!

Posted by Azure on January 12th, 2010
Dear Brides,

You are cordially invited to have stylish and fashionable invitations for your wedding!

Invitation designer Rachel Clemnti of Invitation Chef filled us in on the top trend that she’s been seeing and it’s COLOR!

Rachel says, "Brides no longer come to me wanting traditional white invitations. By the time they approach me, most have their wedding colors in mind for their bridesmaid dresses, flowers, etc. and they want to carry these colors throughout their invitations. Invitations are important because they set the tone for your wedding."

According to Rachel, popular wedding pocketfold colors include: Caspian green, Peacock and Sapphire blue, and Watercress sage metallics. There is a downside to this trend though. Rachel says, "Usually I meet with brides, we determine the color palette, and then they take home sample swatches to show their spouses and mothers. Because white had always been the "go-to" wedding color for invitations, sometimes the brides’ mothers veto color. This is an obstacle, but nothing that can't be overcome."

Rachel suggests a compromise: Using a soft neutral color as the outer enclosure/pocketfold such as tan or silver and then using bold colors as accents; for example, a tan invitation enclosure with a peacock blue outer tag. This technique is used to please everyone involved in the decision making process and most importantly, the bride still gets to communicate with color!

For more of Rachel’s trend tips, check out her blog at Helpful Links: Top Tips for Choosing Wedding Invitations Find the Right Invitation Designer Wedding Stationary Ideas

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