Question of the Week: Would You Outsource Your Wedding Thank You Notes?

Posted by Azure on August 17th, 2010
A few weeks ago we got a press release announcing a new company that would write your thank you notes for you.

So, naturally, I wonder ... would you do it? If you thought that you could completely get away with it (i.e. no one would ever know that you hadn't handwritten the notes yourself) would you pay someone else to write your thank you notes?

What other "personal" wedding tasks do you wish you could outsource? Would you pay someone to chase down your RSVPs for you? What about buying presents for your bridal party? Or writing your vows? What else? Helpful Links Buy Thank You Notes (not pre-written) Find Great Stationary Companies OneWed's Checklist (to keep on track of all the tasks you probably won't outsource)
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