10 Green Tips to Incorporate in Your I Do’s

Posted by The Man Registry on May 31st, 2012

Special to OneWed by Kara Horner, TheManRegistry.com

Want to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly and reduce your environmental impact? Don’t worry; it won’t require getting married in a forest…unless that’s your ideal location, of course. Here are 10 easy ways to green your wedding plans without sacrificing style.

1. Use handmade, recycled or tree-free paper and soy or vegetable-based inks for your wedding invitations. Also choose postcard response cards to reduce the number of cards and envelopes sent with your invitations or invite your guests to respond via email.

2. Source menu ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables and meats, as well as wines and beers from local growers. Also choose organic, when possible, to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides.

3. Donate any leftover food to a local food bank instead of tossing it in the trash.

4. Ensure that your wedding venue recycles and/or composts.

5. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue or nearby each other to reduce transportation needs for your wedding party and guests.

6. Choose organic, seasonal flowers from local growers instead of flowers that must be flown in from miles away or outside the country.

7. Choose jewelry made from recycled metals and stones as well as conflict-free stones or repurpose family heirloom or other vintage pieces.

8. Use natural options for wedding decorations (such as plants, fruits, braches and stones) and opt for soy-based or beeswax candles instead of those made with paraffin. Also opt for organic table linens and rent glassware, dishes and silverware if possible, or use compostable pieces instead of disposable ones.

9. Skip wedding favors or provide guests with eco-friendly ones such as small local plants or herbs, seed bombs or plantable place cards, natural fiber reusable tote bags or organic treats from a local source (such as tea, chocolates, cookies).

10. Plan an environmentally friendly honeymoon by visiting a nearby destination, choosing green accommodations, or offsetting your trip’s carbon dioxide emissions by biking or walking for the duration of your trip once you reach your destination.

Any other eco-friendly wedding ideas you'd like to share with us? Post them in the comment section below!

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