Hey Fellas - Don’t Make These Mistakes When Engagement Ring Shopping

Posted by Claire on January 28th, 2014

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We know you are under a lot of pressure to find the perfect ring. It's likely uncharted territory for you. This is not the time to wing it. Here are 5 mistakes you must avoid when searching for that perfect ring:

#1: Don't Guess
You make think you know what your girlfriend wants, but you don’t. I promise. You can't even buy clothes for yourself, so don’t guess about her ring; especially on the size, cut, metal, and most of all, style.

So what to do? Get all James Bond about it. Sneak into her jewelry box and snap photos, look for her Pinterest boards, go clothes shopping with her and ask questions about why she likes certain things. If she’s been thinking about a ring already, chances are there will be hints in plain sight. If not, her current jewelry selection can give you an indication of her style and, at the very least, size. And, if she's a girl who doesn't like surprises, go ring shopping together.

#2: Flying Solo
Lay your pride aside, enlist the help of her mom or friends. Your love has likely told her preferences to her girls already. They can help to take the guesswork out of your decision. Go to a reputable jeweler (like Macy's) and extend a little more trust than normal to the salespeople. Utilize their knowledge and expertise and feel free to bombard them with questions. If you don't feel good about the salesperson, go somewhere you do.

#3: Creatively Customizing
You don't design your clothes. You don't design your shoes. Don't design her ring. I know our parents all lied to us and told us we could do anything we put our minds to. That lie must stop here. Even if you think you have the perfectly designed ring in mind, it's incredibly difficult to bring it to life. But don't lose heart - thre are literally hundreds of fantastic jewelry designers out there and one of them will likely match your vision more perfectly and beautifully than you can do yourself.

#4: "Shopping" for a Ring
While we can appreciate the efficiency of your "shopping" style (walk in, ask for a certain size, fits well enough, buy 2, walk out glad you don't have to go back for another 6 months); this isn't how you buy a ring.

Think of it more like a scotch tasting. Take your time. Don't be afraid to compare several rings, one after another, to really see what you think she will like. Do this with settings and diamonds. Compare the 4 Cs, and stack rank them in terms of importance. Don't be afraid to look at a LOT of settings and stones. And after you pick the perfect one, break out the scotch and a nice cigar to celebrate your impeccable choice.

#5: Forgetting About the Other Rings
You've got two wedding bands to purchase also. If you want her two rings to match, keep that in mind when buying the engagement ring. If you want your wedding band to match her rings, make sure there are good options. 


Now all you have to do is come up with the perfect proposal. 

** This post is sponsored by Macy's **

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