Freeze! Put the Pins Down

Posted by Bitchless Bride on July 10th, 2012

Just like you bridey, I am totally obsessed with Pinterest. HOURS will go by before I realize just how long I've been "at it". And I have the boards to prove it. It's really incredible if you think about it. No more creating collages from magazines, carrying around a bulky binder full of wedding shit to show to your vendors and friends, because now you have boards for that. No more "trying to explain" a particular look for your wedding hair, dress, cake or whatever because now you have a board for that. And no more delicately communicating what you DON'T like to your bridesmaids because now you have a board for that. But there are two little obstacles that need to be overcome... Bottom line? You are not original, and you will get overwhelmed.

Honestly, there is nothing you are going to do for your own wedding that hasn't already been done. And as you have seen, there are SEVERAL boards for that. But seriously, who cares if it's been done? Get over it. It's O K A Y! People like what's been done. People want to do what's been done because they know it works. And you know what? There's a million boards to prove it! I mean isn't that the whole reason Pinterest exists in the first place? To share what works? To tell you what doesn't work? To share beautiful pictures? To inspire? To educate you on DIY projects be it wedding related or otherwise? Right?

But my fair brideys use caution. "Pinning" (surprisingly, this term, in regards to Pinterest, is not in Wikipedia...YET!) can become an actual addiction. I know this because I am speaking from experience! But, here's the thing... I'm not saying you should stop. I'm saying you should "pin" in moderation. Every bride needs to know her boundaries. Because, just like sitting at a bar drinking several deliciously beautiful pomegranate martinis can still get you shitfaced no matter how pretty they are, Pinterest can get you drunk on too many ideas. And too much inspiration can be a dangerous thing.

My advice? "Pin" your guts out! Search for all of those "original" wedding ideas, create some boards, but give yourself a cut off date. Basically, gather all of your faves, and create a FINAL wedding board by a set date. And don't look back. Initiate the "no more (wedding) pinning" rule once your final board has been created. While I can't guarantee it, HOPEFULLY this rule will slow your addiction and keep your final board safe.

So brideys, use your best judgment, "pin" in moderation, and DON'T be original. Got it?

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