How to Politely “Taste” Your Food – 6 Rules of Wedding Tasting Etiquette

Posted by Bitchless Bride on May 29th, 2012

With your wedding quickly approaching, some of you bridey’s are getting ready to chow down at your wedding food tasting. It’s really exciting because usually it’s the first time that things feel “real”. Like, you’re getting married, and this is the food that will be served at your wedding! How awesome is that? But, it is imperative that you read this post before you “taste”.

As a wedding planner, I have had several incredible food tastings due to the pure talent of the caterer or chef, and sadly, I have also had to sit through some God-awful tastings because of family fights, belligerent, drunken grooms (BB has a “juicy” tasting story today about a “special” groom on our blog) and brides behaving badly. So, please take the points below to heart, and enjoy your tasting.

  • I doubt that this will be difficult for you, but please tell the truth. The tasting is the time to express how you feel about the food. Trust me, the chef/venue would much rather know NOW that you don’t like something or that you’d like to substitute one style of potato for another or do away with the potato completely, than hear you complain on your wedding day that something isn’t right. You’re not gonna hurt anybody's feelings if you are mindful of the WAY you say that you don't like something. I’ll never understand why you bridey’s haven’t caught on yet, but you get more honey with sugar, so be nice in your delivery.
  • Leave the entourage at home. Seriously, LISTEN TO ME on this one. Bring as few people as necessary... WHY? Well, the more people you have at the tasting (besides getting charged for additional folks) the more opinions you will have about the food. And I’m SURE you’ve had to suffer through endless opinions about your wedding, so don’t “invite” more! Not to mention, that this is not the time to catch up with your friends or long lost family members. The caterer doesn’t care, your wedding planner (if you have one) doesn’t care, the server doesn’t care, and most of all it’s f'ing rude. The tasting has a purpose; so don’t get sidetracked with chatter that is not related to your wedding day.
  • If you’re lucky enough to taste wine, please don't get plastered. That is all…
  • Don’t eat ahead of time. You’ve probably been warned, but honestly, you don’t fully understand just how much food you will be ingesting. So don’t eat for at least 3 hours before the tasting. (And don’t make plans to meet friends for an app or drink afterwards either… trust me, you’ll just want to go home and nap!)
  • Now is not the time to get into a deep political conversation or air the family's dirty laundry. Again, NOBODY wants to hear about who’s preggo, who’s screwing whom, and the latest political beliefs. First of all, we don’t care, and secondly it’s just uncomfortable for those of us who aren’t family. So please leave the bullshit at home and focus on the food.
  • Somebody served you the food today, right? They cleared several dishes, filled your wine glasses, and offered you coffee? So, hmmmm… how to put this delicately? Oh yeah, I won’t…just TIP YOUR SERVER!
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