If I Could Go Back in Time and Plan My Wedding Again…

Posted by Oh Lovely Day on December 30th, 2011

I’d splurge on wedding cinematography and save on the little details!

When I was planning my wedding I had a couple of categories I was willing to splurge on, like photography, great food and booze, and the perfect wedding venue.  But there were other categories that had to get cut.  My biggest regret: cutting a wedding cinematographer.  I dreamed of having a gorgeous super 8 film of our wedding, but we really didn’t have it in the budget.  I remember trying to talk my husband into it, and knowing we just didn’t have the money for it.  My cousin had some great film camera and editing equipment and offered to do our video as his gift, and it was great, but it wasn’t my dream wedding film.  It basically just got the ceremony and reception highlights for us.  It wasn’t super professional looking because he wasn’t a professional – it was a hobby only.  Once the sun went down we have almost no film because the light was too low to capture anything properly.   I have lots of footage that I’ll never sit and watch, and a highlight video, but I don’t have that dreamy romantic film I wish I had.

When I think back on all of the money I spent on silly little details, DIY wedding projects that never got finished, and things I bought early on because I was excited, but then my vision changed and those things became a waste, I realize I did have money in my budget.  I think if I had made a rule not to buy anything or spend any money until I found a venue and formed a clear vision of what I wanted, I could have put that money towards that dream wedding film I so desired.  Sure, I would have had to trim other areas of the budget too (like only having beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of buying the booze to stock a full bar or picking a wedding band that cost a little less).  But when it comes to having documentation of your wedding day, those things are priceless!

Is a professional cinematographer on your list of must-have wedding hires?

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