Prime Time Brides

Posted by Bride Chic on May 9th, 2014

Two factors propelled me in dreaming up this week's post: I caught a glimpse of Siri's Blue Ridge Coverlet from her latest collection, and a recent model of mine mentioned her mother wanted to model for me. This got me thinking about the kind of dress a prime time bride would wear, meaning someone over thirty who doesn't necessarily want to to look Boho or storybook-princess-sweet on her wedding day.  Because I create so many out-of-the-ordinary gowns, I've  attracted my share of  prime timers. The prime time bride is really a state of being: it can be any age woman who gravitates toward a more a tailored, sophisticated look. Typically though, a mature bride is over thirty-five, has kids of her own, and is tying the knot a second time around. She and the groom aren't  likely to be all consumed with perfecting each detail that typically goes with putting together the traditional bash. Instead, the main focus is on a heartfelt celebration with close friends and family and a gorgeous dress sans layers of pouf and ruffles. Explore these five gowns for your own prime time inspiration and comment below with your favorites! 

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