Vendor Marketing Tips: How to Upload Photos to Create a Gorgeous Portfolio

Posted by Faye on December 31st, 2012

Confused about how to upload photos directly to your vendor listing? Fear not, we’ve created a handy-dandy step-by-step guide.

Read on, get uploading, and your images could be featured in our Wedding Planning and Inspiration iPad App or front and center on our homepage!

Step 1. Log in, head to your Vendor Dashboard, and click the Listing tab. This is the where the photo uploader tool can be found.

blog how to upload photos vendors dashboard photos listing tab


Step 2. Click "Select One Or More Photos"

blog how to upload photos vendors select photos


Step 3. Choose the photos you want to upload by highlightings their files.

  • Macs users hold down the Shift+Command keys while you click on the files you want
  • PC users hold down control while you click on the files you want
blog how to upload photos vendors select photos file folder use


Make sure the photos you select meet the editorial guidlines below!

big quality guidlines


Step 4. Be patient! Your photos are uploading, but they will take a minute. Don’t refresh the page or try to upload them again. When the uploading is finished thumbnails of each photo will show on the page.

BEFORE you click publish add tags and categories!

blog how to upload photos vendors upload page


Step 6. Add relevant categories and tags by clicking the “Edit Categories and Tags” button below each photo.

blog how to upload photos vendors add tags


Step 7. What tags and categories do I add?

  • The category for each photo is pre-selected based on your vendor listing category (I.e. Photographers, Florists). If the category pre-selected doesn't reflect what's pictured in the photo, just edit the category and choose a new one. We suggest a minimum of one, maximum of two, categories per photo.
  • Tags should be your primary focus, but don't go overboard! For example, a photo of a bride and groom cutting a large wedding cake technically has a cake, tux, and wedding dress showing. But, the primary focus is the cake (and the Reception setting) so the tags wedding dress and tux are irrelevant.
blog how to upload photos vendors add tags 2


Step 8. Click the "Publish Photos" button to save your photos. You will be taken to your live listing where the photos will be shown as a part of your portfolio!

Step 9. What if you want to edit a photo? First delete the photo from your vendor portfolio using the steps below:

  • To delete a photo go back to the Listing Tab and scroll down til you see your uploaded photos
  • Check the “delete” box so it is highlighted blue
  • Then submit the changes

Next, repeat the upload and tagging steps!

blog how to upload photos vendors delete


This is also how you pick your primary image, just click the "This is my primary image" button. Then submit the change.

blog how to upload photos vendors primary image


Step 10. Take a look at your live vendor listing to view the gorgeous portfolio of images you uploaded using the steps above.

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