The Beach Bride

Posted by Bride Chic on June 22nd, 2012

Beach weddings conjure azure water, white sand and typically a casually chic white dress. Realize if you want to marry beachy, certain dresses may be ideal but you certainly aren't restricted.

Any style can be worked for the beach wedding as long as you add or even subtract touches that will bring out its finest beach chic. In the case of the big, cathedral gown with a long train, yes, by all means you can wear it but best to keep off the sand in it--at least until after the ceremony. Clingy, evening gown silhouettes work best for brides who want to really get down into the dunes and say their vows. They are light and you won't get caught up trying to manage a train getting snagged on seaweed, rocks, etc.

Many brides having a ceremony right on the beach go barefoot. Once considered undignified to sport bare feet, especially on your wedding day, today we're seeing restrictions lifted adding a real free-spirited aspect to bridal dressing.

Above and below are some wedding dresses by my fave designer, Augusta Jones, for the destination/beach wedding. For me her designs epitomize the romantic bride and are so complimentary to beachscapes . . . .

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