There’s Always the Day After

Posted by Bitchless Bride on August 21st, 2012

I'm always surprised when I, Bitchless Bride, a fabulous wedding planner, get surprised by a bride after so many years in this business. Here's how it went down...

After a long and somewhat stressful day of vendor appointments with a very Type A bride, she looked at me and said, "Well there's always the day after." I wasn't catching on because I was deep in thought, wondering how the hell I was going to be a magician with the freaking budget versus reality. "Huh? I'm sorry? I didn't hear you." I said. And she said, "The day after the wedding. It'll all be over, we'll be husband and wife,  and we'll sipping champagne on the way to France."

I wasn't surprised because of her statement... I was taken back because of her attitude. She was dreaming... about the day AFTER her wedding, having a husband and about France... and NOT about the wedding (for a change). She actually took a break from obsessing about the details, the budget and family bullshit to think about something else (also quite important)... Being married and the honeymoon.

I see it all the time. You brideys get so wrapped up in the planning that you forget that you will actually be married after the wedding, and that for most of you, you are going on a pretty f**king fabulous vacation. Um, yeah... sounds good to me!

So, remember when the wedding planning gets tough, there's always the day after... You + Husband + France = Bliss... Now, how cool is that?

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