Amanda Wyatt’s 8 Hall of Famers

by Claire

With 20 years of designs under her belt, we are thrilled to share 8 wedding gown hall of famers from British designer Amanda Wyatt. Amanda Wyatt is part of a bridal heritage of over 50 years that also includes her daughter, Charlotte Balbier, another one of our favorite designers. Amanda Wyatt is an institution in the British bridal industry, and designs stunning gowns with impecable fit and attention to detail. Take a look for yourself at the 8 outstanding gowns from her 2014...

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The Best of British Bridal Couture

by Bride Chic

British bridal designers were a great inspiration for me when I was coming up in the wedding industry in the 1980's. Starting out as a bridal fabrics buyer, I religiously read both the domestic as well as international wedding magazines. This is all before the Internet so we waited like eager children for each issue to come out. British mags were pretty much like American, French and Italian bridal publications except they had a whole section in the back of each issue featuring...

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British Bridal Trends- from Corset Wedding Dresses to Dramatic Bridal Fascinators

by Azure

About Bride Chic Is there such a thing? That is, trends in bridal fashion coming out of Britain exclusively? Well, if you've been watching this market for as long as I have you'd say, absolutely. First of all I began designing way back before Princess Diana was even engaged to Charles. I was a bridal fabrics buyer in 1981 and ate up the European publications like chocolate whenever I could get my hands on them. Here in the US you could only get these magazines through specialized...

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