Stalking the Bridal Look Books: Dana Bolton

by Bride Chic

I found out about Dana Bolton the way I find most designers out there--perusing Pinterest and Tumblr! A custom designer with a small collection and design studio, Dana hails from North London. I was drawn back to her gorgeous and user-friendly site many times over the course of the week, just to look at the way she utilizes lace and works incredible techniques into a design (like buttons down the side instead of down the back). I'm finding a handful of the smaller designers like...

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Burberry-inspired DIY wedding

by Azure

Bring regal elegance to your wedding with a color palette inspired by Burberry! Burberry is known for its famous tartan plaid pattern, and the red, taupe, black and ivory plaid colors are beyond classic. I love the idea of bringing this refined English style to your wedding decor! Now, I am not suggesting you trick your wedding out with Burberry tartan plaid galore. Rather, use the classic Burberry color palette and London style aesthetic as a starting point, and create a your...

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