The Ultimate Wedding Accessory and Keepsake

by Bride Chic

Perusing Wedzu this week I ran across, Autumn and Grace Bridal, a company specializing in handmade fabric bouquets for your wedding day. Surprised with the array from which to choose, I have to say these posey combos can pair up with just about any wedding gown or bride's personality. What I absolutely love about these gems is the keepsake factor. Your bouquet will always be there to remind you of your wedding day while helping to decorate a table, shelf or act as centerpiece. I...

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Sweet Edible Necklaces, Bouquets and More

by Azure

The statement necklace above is sure to put any bride in a sunshiny state of mind. But what's even more magical than the intricate detailing and whimsical design, is that it's completely crafted from sugary sweet candy. Amazing, isn't it? We have Andie's Specialty Sweets to thank for this knockout piece, and as you'll see below, Andie has plenty more sweet tricks up her sleeves! Another fabulous Etsy seller for all things sweet is Vintage Confections. I especially love the fancy...

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