The Ultimate Wedding Accessory and Keepsake

by Bride Chic

Perusing Wedzu this week I ran across, Autumn and Grace Bridal, a company specializing in handmade fabric bouquets for your wedding day. Surprised with the array from which to choose, I have to say these posey combos can pair up with just about any wedding gown or bride's personality. What I absolutely love about these gems is the keepsake factor. Your bouquet will always be there to remind you of your wedding day while helping to decorate a table, shelf or act as centerpiece. I...

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Floral Bridal Veils for the Rustic Bohemian Bride

by Faye

  I am always looking for something new, different and gorgeous in the wide and wonderful world of weddings. Luckily the Internet is a big place and it’s filled with beautiful objects. And if you are lucky, every once in a while you find a true gem. My most recent discovery, the custom floral bridal veil line Le Paola Peu by Gabrielle Damico in collaboration with Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, definitelydelivers the one-of-a-kind white aisle style treasures. Take a peek...

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Alternative Wedding Flowers- Linen and Brooch Blooms!

by Azure

Special to OneWed by Bride Buzz Flowers are an essential part of any big day, but if disposable blooms aren’t part of your vision — you green bride, you — we here are Bride Buzz have a collection of bright, colorful and un-wiltable options to carry, toss and share on your Big Day. Our first pick?EmersonMade. Created by a husband-and-wife team, the creative enterprise creates the most adorable, hand-stitched linen blooms we’ve ever seen. The beautiful buds come in a...

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