Toes in the Water, Wedding in the Sand…

by Claire

Although simple, today's Australian elopement photo shoot is perfect inspiration for those couples looking to have a casual ceremony with only their closest friends, while also having the time of their life. This styled shoot brings to mind Zac Brown Band's song Toes but with a slightly different lyric: "Toes in the water, wedding in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold champagne in my hand..." The laid-back, bright, and colorful styles from Just For Love Photography make for a...

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For Brides Trotting Down The Aisle A Second Time

by The Broke-Ass Bride

Now, lemme put one thing out there right away. I’ve only been married ONCE So take everything I say with that little grain of salt. But I’m of the age where I have friends who are under 40 - and on their second marriage - which btw, ain’t no thang. However, gals in this predicament seem to have very mixed feelings about getting married again - should they have a big wedding? Should they have a wedding at all? Well, there are a few different ways you can go about this. I think...

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Top Tips: Five Reasons Not to Elope

by Azure

If your wedding planning is getting a little stressful, the idea of eloping might start to sound good. Check out our newly re-designed advice section and get the top five reasons NOT to elope!

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