Here’s How NOT to Get Engaged

by Bitchless Bride

So, I keep hearing about people getting engaged with an audience present, and by audience I mean the families of both the bride and groom. Seriously? What the F? Is this the new way people are getting engaged? REALLY? I'm sorry if this is the way your man proposed, but I think it's just wrong and frankly it's just the beginning of you, bridey, losing sight of what this thing called "marriage" is all about. I'm gonna yell it... Ready? YOU DON'T NEED TO BE SURROUNDED BY YOUR ENTIRE...

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5 New Rules of Engagement: It Can Happen Anytime, Any Place, & In A Totally Logical Way

by The Broke-Ass Bride

So a good friend of mine just got engaged this weekend - in PARIS, of all places. Ooh la la! Her boyfriend pulled out all the stops - the Eiffel Tower, a seven course dinner, rose petals, champagne, happy tears, fireworks - OK I don't think there were actual fireworks - but I'm sure there were all kinds of colorful explosions happening in her mind. I'm insanely happy for her, and I am so in love with her fiance for giving her the most absolutely perfect proposal I'd ever heard...

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Engagement Proposal in Central Park- Romance Captured

by Azure

A priceless moment in time. Captured. New York City cinematic storytellers and videographers, Michael Justin Films, were in Central Park while an engagement proposal went down. Around noon on 05.07.2011, one of the Michael Justin pros set up a time-lapse of Central Park's Bethesda Fountain. Every 5 seconds (for one minute's time) the camera snapped. While reviewing the film later that day, something caught the photographer's eye... Right in the middle of the frame (as if done...

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