Fun Ideas to Create a Memorable Send-Off

by Lizzy S

One of the most exciting moments of a wedding is sending the newly married couple off on their next blissful adventure. Many couples choose to use sparklers, confetti, rice, etc. for their guests to use for their exit. However, there are many more non-traditional ideas couples can choose from. Simply scroll through the images below and fall in love with them as I have! Don’t forget to pin yours faves.

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RoyalMint Wedding Cake Toppers

by Brooklyn Bride

As one who loves the whimsical and fun, I'm a huge fan of RoyalMint's adorable figurines. They're little characters straight out of fairytales, and I recently noticed they've started selling custom wedding cake toppers! I mean really, have you ever seen anything so cute? You can choose to have you and your honey reimagined as any woodland creature you can dream up, and best of all, you'll also get a digital print of your little guys in a fun use as thank you cards or...

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