Personalized Wedding Jewelry by MomentusNY

by Brooklyn Bride

I caught a glimpse of Etsy seller MomentusNY today and fell completely in love with their jewelry! The super simple name bar necklaces are my fav, and can be personalized with your hubby's name, your wedding date, your new last name, whatever you want! They'd also make perfect bridesmaids gifts! Which personalized piece is your fav? Share it below!

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9 Sweet Treats for the Bride-to-Be

by Azure

No, we're not talking about cake tastings or sampling for the wedding reception candy bar... we're talking sweet thoughtful gifts for the bride in your life! Whether you're just feeling generous, or have a little making up to do (ahem, Groomie- did you drop the ball on your minor planning tasks? Or hey bridesmaid- did you ditch out on the bridal shower at the last minute? Or totally disregard all those RSVP requests?), we've rounded up nine gifts that will surely put a smile on any...

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