Finishing Touches: Gloves and Gauntlets

by Bride Chic

Gloves add that perfect finishing touch to a bridal look that I have always loved. Gloves and gauntlets (fingerless lace mits) add glamour whether you choose crocheted shorties, middies, or long, opera-length gloves. And if you're wedding happens to be in the chill of winter, those long gloves help warm up hands and arms. Your options are vast - go with the classic whites or amp up your look with any color, texture, pattern - even adding them for your something blue! Experiment, be...

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Bride Chic: Glam Up Your Bridal Look With Gloves

by Azure

About Bride Chic Brides are enjoying the revival of gloves. So much so they're scouring vintage stores everywhere for real deal 'kid' versions, harder and harder to find these days because they're just not making 'em like they used to. In doing research for this piece, it seems the 20th century was the Golden Age of the Glove. That goes for all lengths, designs and materials. How gloves work with fashion nowadays depends on the look you want to create. You're going to follow some...

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