The Crocheted Wedding Dress

by Bride Chic

Wednesday on Bride Chic I posted about a woman I knew who hand crocheted her own wedding veil. That was seven years ago and the first crocheted veil I'd ever laid eyes on. Fast forward to Fall 2014 Bridal and not only are crocheted laces trending as trims on wedding dresses, check out some of these allover crocheted creations. That is, as in, completely crocheted! I never imagined there were so many jaw-dropping styles both new and vintage. I began perusing through these...

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11 Favorite Handmade Etsy Wedding Dresses

by Azure

I'm always trolling Etsy to find the latest & greatest unique wedding treasures for brides and grooms. And today, I'm showing you some of my favorite handmade wedding dresses and LWDs from Etsy! Take a peek, then tell us which styles you would wear down the aisle!

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