Bridal Manicure Madness: Shellac

by Faye

  You know on OneWed we are huge fans of a good manicure. But, if there is one thing we all hate it’s getting your nails done and then immediately messing them up. Who hasn’t done that? If you’re a bride-to-be then chances are you’ve got a good reason to gussy up your nails (that sparkler on your ring finger and plenty of people asking to see it!) and don’t want your polish to go to waste. Enter our new favorite thing, the CND Shellac manicure. I recently discovered the...

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Looking for a Great Nail Polish Color?

by Azure

I had a little bit of writer’s block yesterday and believe it or not, I spent an hour researching nail polish colors! Do you know that the OPI website lets you “try on” nail polish? They have a hand on which you can adjust the skin color and the length of the nail, and get an idea for how the color will look on you! Just click any of their colors, then click “try on this color” to see how it will work for you! I may never get any work done again!

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