5 Easy Ways to Infuse YOU into Your Wedding Day

by Azure

Depending on the size, style, and location of your wedding, chances are good that not every single guest in attendance will know all about you and your groom. There will be guests from your groom's side that you may be meeting for the first time, and extended family members or friends for you to introduce your new hubby to. And here's a cold hard fact. The more that wedding guests feel like they know the couple getting hitched, the more engaged and excited they are to be part of it...

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Personalized Wedding Gifts & Holiday Presents from Mark & Graham

by Brooklyn Bride

Mark & Graham Personalized Gifts is a new online shop filled with gifts galore that are all able to be made unique to you. Obviously, it makes for great gift giving now that the holidays are upon us, as well as gifts for couples, parents & bridal party members. What I love are the sheer number of options for the personalizations.... usually you're only given 1 to 4 different fonts & colors, but here, it's practically endless! And did I mention free? Lots of options for people who...

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