Surfer Wedding in Seattle with Camping, S’Mores, and a Rock n’ Roll Reception

by Faye

Summer has only been over for a few days and already, I’m daydreaming about the beach, sand, and sun non-stop! Luckily, I stumbled upon the quintessentially West Coast beach wedding of Justin and Karissa (shot by Linhbergh Photography), and got a healthy dose of summer inspiration! The couple met seven years ago when Karissa stopped into the auto parts store where Justin was working, and the rest (as they say) is history! They hosted an intimate Saturday ceremony for friends and...

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Introducing Rock ‘n Roll Bride: One of Our Fabulous Weekly Guest Bloggers!

by Azure

Rock ‘n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day – let *you* define your day. I'm Kat AKA The Rock 'n Roll Bride. I'm a pink haired, tattooed, Britney loving girl who has a rather sizable obsession with weddings...oh and yes you did read that right. Britney. As in Britney Spears. I love her. Don't mess...Britney and 24 are my weaknesses. Just leave it...

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