Oooh Baby Baby… Ba Bridey Bridey… Push it Real Good

by Bitchless Bride

Let's talk about sex bridey. Let's talk about you and... NO! You and your future husband! How's THAT for an opening paragraph? I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again... not every couple has sex on their wedding night. Are you surprised? Or are you more surprised that BB knows this (check out my swamp ass post)? Either way, several of you brides-to-be are going to wait until the next morning to make your relationship "official", and that's okay! Let's have an honest...

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OneWed’s “Genius Wedding Expert” Talks Wedding-Night Sex on!

by Azure’s daily sex and relationship blog, Smitten, wanted some expert advice on doing the deed on the big day. You’ll never guess whose wealth of knowledge they tapped into… I’ll give you a couple of hints. She’s a OneWed gal, a devoted Savvy Scooper, and her name starts with J and ends with N. Yep, you got it! Our very own Jen N offered smart and savvy advice for Smitten’s “Wedding-Night Sex: Would You Take a Sex Break Before Your Big Day?” This fabulous...

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